Tatiana Maslany being cute confused when trying to explaining the process of shooting clone scenes.

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Who’s a better kisser, Paul or Delphine? (x)

Reblogging for the smartass and sass in the last gif. 

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I have given you glorious gifs of snakes yawning. You’re welcome.

So horrible but yet so adorable

the third one… nghh

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Cosima’s handporn

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TWD MEME ⇝  Four Deaths {3/4} 

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Sarah is good at most things. But not this.

Sarah Manning is a badass and very capable woman in many respects. But there is one things she is horrible at: identifying dead bodies. 

For everyone that at least started season 2, we all know how this turned out. Helena isn’t dead, Sarah. 

Sarah - 0
Not Dead People - 1

As far as we know, Amelia is totally dead. Four for you, Sarah. Four for you.

Sarah - 1
Not Dead People - 1

Sarah tried really hard this time, guys. She pretended to check for a pulse. But Daniel the sunglasses model wasn’t dead.

Sarah - 1
Not Dead People - 2

Maybe Sarah needs to check in with Auntie Cosima and learn how to identify a dead body. Until then, I can’t trust her judgement on who is dead and who isn’t. 

Otters chasing a butterfly. [video]

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I find the hair/makeup team and wardrobe team to be my some of my biggest collaborators on set. They’re always also trying to change things up. Steven, our makeup guy, will check in every day and go, ‘okay, where is she at today? Can we make the wing just a little more [pronounced]?’ Is she trying to defend herself against how fragile she feels by caking on the make-up, is she more bare did she strip it down? - Tatiana Maslany (x)

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wow the new spiderman movie looks good

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And I don’t want that for you.

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Auntie Alison

Hold up. The brilliant thing about Allison, Sarah, and Kira is what is totally killing me with this gif set. It’s clearly put out there that Alison’s life revolves around her children and her family. She deeply and fiercely loves her two children. Being a mother was clearly important enough for Alison to adopt since she wasn’t able to have conceive on her own. 

But once Alison knows that not only does Sarah have a child, but that it’s biological, she has two options. She could be jealous and angry at Sarah for being able to have Kira naturally, and that anger would be valid. But instead, Alison is able to see Sarah for who she is: a woman that wants nothing more than to be a good mother  and that up till now that’s been difficult for her. After that moment, Alison does everything in her power to be supportive of both Sarah and Kira, but (most importantly), she allows Sarah to make a fresh start free from past mistakes. She allows Sarah to have a clean slate in order to become the mother she wants but doesn’t know how to be. Alison is all in in helping Kira and Sarah become the family that they want to be. In return, Sarah recognizes this and while she doesn’t say it outright, she knows and deeply appreciates that Alison has her back. 

This is why on the tumbler appointed Alison Hendrix appreciation day, (even though it late), I wanted to shout out that Alison is a fierce, bad ass Mom. She understands the importance of family and familial connection. Not only for herself, but for this newly found clone family. She wants everyone around her to have family whether it’s a traditional family, one that you pick and choose from your friends and clones, or a little bit of both. I think that this family structure that Alison is fighting so hard to protect and nurture is what could very well save them all down the road.

(Maybe tinytmas or someone else in the Clone Club can have my back on this one. I’m the new kid on Clone Street here…)

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